About SENSIMA Inspection Sarl

Bernard Revaz is CEO of Sensima Inspection Sarl. Bernard has been active in academic research during 15 years, co-authoring about 100 refereed papers. He held positions at the University of Geneva, University of California at San Diego, and EPFL. In 2003, he turned to industrial R&D, in particular in sensor development and advanced machining processes, such as electron discharge machining. He is a certified eddy current NDT inspector.

Marc Lany holds a M. Sc. degree in microtechnology from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), Lausanne. Since 2005, he has pursued his PhD in the microsystems design laboratory at EPFL, working on integrated devices for ultra-low current measurement. His work led to the development of a new type of transistor (Patent US2010-013458).
Industrial experience: Design and realization of a magnetic marker detection system for biomedical applications in the frame of an industrial mandate of the ASAHI KASEI Corporation (patent JP2006-112976)
Development of a LIDAR sensor array for a leading automaker (patent JP2010-070284).
Marc is the leader of the probe development.

Frédéric Monnier (COO) holds a diploma in Engineering from the Engineering School of Geneva, Switzerland. He is leader in microcontroller, FPGA and PCB development. Frédéric is in charge of the company day to day operations, to ensuring that Sensima products meet the highest standards of quality. Prior to Sensima, he held positions at the EPFL from 2007 to 2009.

Gilles Santi (Chief Scientist) holds a PhD in physics from the University of Geneva. Gilles has a strong academic track record. Gilles has held positions at the Universities of Geneva, California at Berkeley, Bristol, Aarhus and at EPFL. He has co-authored more than 30 refereed scientific publications.

Alain Berthoud received his M.Sc. in Microengineering from the University of Applied Science of Geneva in 2007. He then hold various positions in research laboratories at EPFL where he developed advanced robotics systems. In 2013, he joined Sensima to lead the developments in mechanical engineering.

Enrico Gasparin received in 2010 a M. Sc. degree in mechatronics from the Polytechnic University of Turin. In 2014, he attained a Ph.D. in mechatronics from the same institution. His research was focused on the development of electromechanical devices for the automotive industry, with special attention for electric motors. After one year of work in the domain of eddy current testing at EPFL, he joined Sensima where he is in charge of the asset integrity monitoring systems.

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