Image based monitoring of bridge deformations for SHM

Bridges are aging while the resources for maintenance are not sufficient. State of the art process cannot cope with the problem. The situation will become more and more accute as more bridges built in the 70’s will reach end of life. As a consequence, bridges are failing and more may do in the future.

We provide remote inspection systems able to measure bridge deformation using image processing and to deliver data compliant with professional standards. The key advantage of our solution is its low cost and easy implementation that does not require traffic interruption or heavy work on the structure.

Value 1: Standardized and synthetic overview of the SH state of many structures
Value 2: Priorization of the maintenance projects to focus on the structures where the largest variations have been detected
Value 3: Consistent data enabling machine learning approach on aging mechanisms

Technical Description

  • Inspection technique: Optical image processing
  • Displacement sensitivity: 0.1 mm at 6m distance
  • Camera: commercial surveillance camera, HIKVision/EXIIR h.265+ or equivalent
  • Power: local power line, battery, and/or solar panel
  • Image acquisition rate (dynamic monitoring): up to 10 fps
  • Image acquisition rate (static monitoring): typ. 1 image per minute
  • Targets: chessboard panels, stenciled patterns, or natural features
  • Communication protocol: RTSP (camera-bridge unit)
  • Bridge control unit
  • 220/115V, battery, or solar panel
  • Dimensions: 128x190x280mm
  • Processor: Single board computer with embedded linux
  • Data communication: GSM, Ethernet (possibility to store/retrieve data locally with SD card if the system is not on the internet)
  • Other products for bridges

    We offer a state of the art crack monitoring system for the continuous inspection of cracks on metallic bridges, see here. Our UPEC front end electronics and our AIMcloud platform can acommodate a wide range of sensors relevant for civil engineering. Contact us for more details.


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